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March 25, 2012

Why the fixes for CM9 bugs are delayed?

Question :
Why Ice Cream Sandwich version (both CM9 and MIUI ) have Camera and Radio bugs, and its taking so much time.
Was there similar long delay when there used to be custom ROM development of Gingerbread, when Gingerbread was newly launched?

Reply :
No, there was not such delay when there used to be custom rom development for Gingerbread. And, you should note that developing for custom roms based on Ice Cream Sandwich is quite different from the Gingerbread one. Read further to find these differences.
Gingerbread was an official support for galaxy mini and other devices so most thing needed came with the source including, camera libs, compatible kernel and many more. However, ICS not being an official release for all devices and still being in beta version the libs required to run camera and radio and other things are missing. Also, ICS uses kernel 3.0 however, due to the limit of low mid-range android smartphones the kernel from Gingerbread is needed to be used which again requires a lot of work. Similarly, the developers also rely upon the Cyanogen team for CM9 sources and features like those found in CyanongeMod 7 are still being ported to ICS based CM9. So, if you see it as a whole, only getting worried about new release by the users or the developer is not going to work well. It is equally important that users and developer be patient and wait for complete source to be available as well as for features from CM team.

Hope that was clear. If you have any doubts fell free to comment below.

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