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March 26, 2012

How to Overclock S5570DDKQ7 Firmware on Galaxy Pop GT-S5570?

Question :
Sir I need to overclock my galaxy mini to 825mhz. Can you tell me from where will i get PDA file for my galaxy mini? Android Version : 2.3.6 Baseband Version : S5570DDKQ7 Kernal Version :
Please help me.

Solution :
I don't think flashing PDA can help you overclock. What you need instead is either overclock kernel for your stock firmware or custom kernel that can be overclocked. Since the former one is not available for your firmware; I suggest you flash any of the custom roms available at and you can easily overclock using No Frills CPU Control or similar app or if you install Cyanogen you will even be able to overclock from within CyanogenMod Settings.

If you have trouble selecting custom rom then emanoN v5 and CyanogenMod 7.2 RC1 or RC5.7 are very good ones. Give them a try. I am sure you will like them as well as your problem will be solved too.

Question :
If I install a custom rom then will I be able to overclock my galaxy mini upto 825mhz?

Reply :
Yes, custom roms support overclocking up to 853 MHz (and above it too). However, it depends upon your device how much frequency it can handle. For example : My device can't handle more than 753 Mhz while there are examples of successful overclocking upto 853+ MHz too. But, since you can overclock it's worth a try. I suggest using CyanongenMod.

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