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May 23, 2012

How to Download Files From Mediafire in Android Smartphones?

From past few days, I've seen around different android groups spread via social networks, the issue of downloading mediafire links in android devices. Seeing this it made me think, is this really a big issues at all. Well, I still think it isn't? And, there are probably many different ways download files that are hosted on file sharing site like mediafire on your mobile phone. Below are five easiest methods of downloading such files.
  1. The most simplest solution : Open any mediafire link in your android browser and then click on download. Android's download manager should take the download and download it in the background.
  2. If android browser is not working, try dolphin mini. I've download via mediafire using dolphin mini many times.
  3. If both the methods above are not working, then mediafire has got it's own app in Play Store from where you can search and download any files that are hosted in mediafire.
  4. Well, by now, you should have already finished your download. But, if you are still stuck in this small issue, then install any download manager apps from Play Store such as Byte Tornado, Android Download Manager, Faster Downloader, Turbo Downloader or any other (whichever you prefer) and then open the link in a browser and long press on it to get Share this link and then select your choice of download manager. Now, you download should be handled by your newly installed download manager.
  5. I really hope, you're over with this issue by now. But, still if you are stuck, install any browser from market that supports changing user agent. Android's stock browser also supports it. Then go to settings and in User Agent option select Desktop instead of default Android. Once done, open the link and click on download. Your download will begin instantly.
That's all with downloading files from mediafire. If you are still unable to download then, do comment below. We'll think of something for your problem together.

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