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May 4, 2012

Task Manager For Custom Android Roms

It is well known that custom roms such as cyanogenmod doesn't come with a task manager. The developers believe android system to be intelligent enough to handle various stages of android activity and thus, manage task properly by itself. However, end users are more interested in managing the task by themselves.

Such users believe that killing task will free more RAM space as well as save their battery and prolong it's life. While it sounds to be true, it is not. Instead killing process that are required for the system will cause them to be loaded again in the memory, which consumes more battery then it would when they were active in the memory. Yes, starting new applications in mobile devices consumes more energy then keeping it alive. So, android handles them quite efficiently by caching frequently used processes. Thus, I'd recommend users not to mess with the running processes and leave everything up to the system to manage them.

However, I'll not end it here. As the title suggests, this article will help you get working task manager in your android custom roms. The task manager app below is tested to be working fine in Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop GT-S5570, but, it will probably work on other devices too. So, if you are here looking for one, just give it a try.

I've also, posted about getting task manager on custom roms previously at this article. However, users found the process (instructions) mentioned there very difficult to follow. So, in this article, I'll provide you with a simple flashable zip file which you can flash in your custom recovery and get the task done easily. So, let's begin :
  • Download Task file from below :
    File Name :
    File Size : 856 KB
    File Type : Zip | Flashable via Recovery
    Download : Link 1
  • Copy the downloaded zip file to root directory of your sd-card.
  • Reboot your android device to clockwork mod recovery. [Press Home + Power button simultaneously to go to recovery.]
  • Select Install Zip From SD-Card => Choose Zip From SD-Card and select the file named from the list.
  • Wait till it is installed on your system.
  • Reboot your device, when everything is done.
That's all. Now you should get Task Manager app on your app drawer. Run the application and manage all the processes as much as you like. However, you might also want to consider my note from above and leave the job to the system. It's all your choice.

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