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May 28, 2012

Upgrading Galaxy Ace GT-S5830L to Latest Gingerbread 2.3.6 Firmware.

Galaxy Ace GT-S5830L is a variant of Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 smartphone and the models which are sold in Americas are especially know by this (GT-S5830L) model number. In this article, I'll explain to you in details the step by step instructions to upgrade your handset with latest Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread firmwares. So, to begin with download a firmware for your region below and provided you have give requirements already (if you don't have them then download them too) we are ready to move ahead.

GT-S5830L 2.3.6 Firmwares Downloads

Region : South America (Columbia)
Firmware : S5830LUBKPA
Release Date : 2011 September
Download : Link 1
Region : North America (Trinidad and Tobago)
Firmware : S5830LUBKP7
Release Date : July 2011
Download : Link 1


So, when you've got everything up and ready follow these simple instructions below to upgrade your galaxy ace GT-S5830L to latest android version.

Instructions For Flashing Rom via Odin

1. Now, extract your download and examine it.

2. If you have got a single .tar or .tar.md5 file then follow the steps give in Method A. Otherwise, if you have got two or more (usually four) .tar or .tar.md5 files then configure Odin as said in Method B.
  • Method A : Configuring Odin For One Package file.
    Configuring Odin with one package file.
    • Run Odin Multidownloader for Galaxy Ace GT-S5830L.
    • Check One Package, Auto reboot and Protect OPS check boxes.
    • Click on OPS button and Load Cooper_v1.0.ops file on it.
    • Now go to the bottom and click on One Package button.
    • Load the single *.tar or .tar.md5 file in this field.
  • Method B : Configuring Odin for Flashing with Multiple Files
  • Selecting multiple files in Odin.
    • Run Odin Multidownloader for Galaxy Ace GT-S5830.
    • Check Auto reboot and Protect OPS check boxes. [ Note : Do not check one package option, use this option only when you need to flash a complete rom in one package.]
    • Click on OPS button and Load Cooper_v1.0.ops file on it.
    • Click on BOOT button and Select .tar (or .tar.md5) file with  APBOOT in the name.
    • Click on PDA button and Select .tar (or .tar.md5) file with CODE / PDA in the name.
    • Click on PHONE button and Select .tar (or .tar.md5) file with MODEM in the name.
    • Click on CSC button and Select .tar (or .tar.md5) file with csc / csc-multi in the name.
    • Leave EFS blank.
3. Now, once odin is configured, power off your galaxy ace.

4. Boot up your device in download mode (Press Volume Down + Home + Power button simultaneously)

5. Only when your phone is in download mode, then connect it to your PC via USB Cable.

6. Once connected in download mode, Odin will say Detected! (see the image below) and then you may press Start button.
Do not proceed ahead until Odin recognize/ detects your device.

7. Wait for about 5-6 minutes for Odin to flash the firmware and then when it says PASS at the top left box, you may disconnect your device.
Wait till Odin says PASS. This is the notification that your device is successfully upgraded.

That's all. Now, you have latest gingerbread 2.3.6 firmware on your galaxy ace gt-s5830l smartphone. After your device boots up, you can take your time and examine all the cool new updates provided in the latest version. No doubt you are going to love them. So, have fun playing with your smartphone and enjoy :).

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