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May 16, 2012

Best CPU Settings For Custom Kernels

Question :
I use CyanogenMod RC 5.7 on my Galaxy Mini/Pop GT-S5570 and No Frills CPU Control App to configure CPU frequencies. And I have a question which is best "governor" and "I/O scheduler" for my galaxy mini?

Reply : 
Well, in cyanogenmod  rc5.7 you can simply configure CPU Settings from within the rom's Settings=>>CyanogenMod Settings=>>Performance=>>CPU Settings options. It provides more configuration option than No Frills CPU control app. But, you can use any according to your preferences.

While, which configuration is better for Governor and I/O Scheduler filed depends upon the use of the device. Most, better and battery efficient configuration is to select SmartAssv2 as Governor and sio as I/O Scheduler. Smartass governor monitors the device's usages regularly and adjust CPU frequency accordingly between Maximum and minimum frequency. This way it will both be efficient for performance as well as battery life.

To optimize your device for efficient battery life, simply set Max. CPU frequency to not more than 700 MHz and minimum CPU frequency to below 300 MHz. Also, you can optimize the Max. CPU screen-off frequency by selecting it to around 400 Mhz. While this will save battery, it might make your device lag while waking up from sleep or in case you use background data and sync continuously even while screen is off. If that is the case then, the normal 600 Mhz or any other frequency near it should be fine.

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