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July 14, 2012

Some Precautions and Solutions to Frequently Occurring Odin Errors

Thanks to some of the website in the web such as and, some of the Samsung Android smart phones owners get lucky to mess with their handsets. These sites provide leaked firmware flashing tools (like Odin Multi Downloader and corresponding .OPS file) as well as various official stock firmwares for downloads for various Samsung smartphones. By using these tools, Samsung smartphone owners can upgrade/flash a firmware on their device, install custom clock work mod recovery and do many other things.

However, not all people are technically advance and thus can't do everything properly. They don't pay attention to the details and instructions and end up bricking their handset rendering it useless. So, it's necessary to be careful and follow all firmware flashing instructions carefully before trying out anything silly on  their handsets.

In this article, I'll list some of the problems/errors faced while using Odin and corresponding solution for these errors. But, before that here are few precautions to be taken while flashing firmware via Odin.
  • Make sure your device is fully charged (At least 80 % of battery charge is recommended).
  • Make sure proper drivers for your Samsung smart phone are installed on your PC.
  • Note that you are using correct version of Odin Multidownloader tool and correct .ops or .pit file file for your handset. 
  • Check the firmware details and find a upgrade for your current firmware. It's always recommend to flash firmware from your own region and your own country (if possible). While flashing firmware from other region will work fine, you should be careful not to flash provider specific firmwares on your sim unlocked phone or vice versa.
  • Make sure that Samsung Kies is closed or disabled (or uninstalled). 
  • Be sure to follow all the precautions and flashing instructions carefully.

1. Cannot open the usb serial port. code: 5 error

This error occurs when Odin can't access the port on which your device is connected. It can happen when your device drivers are not installed properly or when your smartphone is communicating with some other devices using the same port. To solve this issues make sure :
  • Samsung USB drivers are installed properly. Fast and easy way to do this is install Samsung Kies (if you don't have it already.)
  • Your device is connected properly in download mode.
  • Samsung Kies (aka Kies PC) and all it's process are closed (not running in the background). You can freeze Samsung Kies or uninstall it.
It's recommended to close all other applications during flashing.

2. Odin says PASS, but, my phone is still not booting up. It only shows Samsung boot animation. 

While on most cases, your handset will boot fine even before Odin says PASS. But, sometimes due to the data from the previous version or due to some temporary files your device will fail to boot successfully showing you only the Samsung boot animation for minutes. So, the simple solution to this is to wipe data (do a factory reset) and cache in recovery.
  • Only after Odin says PASS, take out your battery and put it back again.
  • Now, boot up your phone by pressing Volume Up + Home + Power button simultaneously. This will boot it to recovery mode.
  • Select wipe data/do a factory reset option in recovery. 
  • Select wipe cache option. 
  • When done, select reboot option from the top.
That's all. Now your phone should boot fine within few minutes. Another solution to avoid this issue is to wipe data before flashing the new firmware. 

Can't find the error you're facing. Just leave us the details at the comments below and we'll try to provide a solution to your Odin firmware flashing error.

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