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May 28, 2012

Internal Memory Still Not Empty Even After Using S2E in CyanogenMod 9 Rom. Is S2E app working?

Question :

I installed the simple2ext in my cyanogenmod 9 as mentioned  in this article at Handy Information blog. after installing when I checked my task manager it shows that all my apps are installed in device but when i check the sd-ext directory it's showing all apps there. My device, which is Samsung galaxy mini gt-s5570, is showing 81 MB used memory in task manager application. I can't understand whats happening, please help?

Reply :

The issues here is probably with the task manager's reporting. Since a2sd scripts like s2e bind internal /data/app folder to /sd-ext/app folder, and thus any apps which are installed in internal memory are installed to external sd-card partition. The task manage app you are talking about is probably fooled by the script. 

So, there's no need to worry at all provided that you see your apps at /sd-ext/apps directory. If you still have doubts you can confirm that by navigating to /data/app/ directory and learning that there are no any apk applications you have installed so far. It means S2E script is working just fine and you needn't worry a thing about it.

About the used internal memory you've reported -it's so because still some data (either Dalivk Cache or Applications Data or both) are inside the internal memory card. While it is not recommend -for best performance- to move dalvik cache to sd-ext partition, you can still move applications data to sd-ext partition from with s2e app menu and reduce the use of your internal memory. There's another reason not to move dalvik cache to sd-ext i.e. We are trying here to reduce the use of internal memory not make it empty instead, which would render it useless. But, you can still move it to second partition on your sdcard if you want.

1 Responses to “Internal Memory Still Not Empty Even After Using S2E in CyanogenMod 9 Rom. Is S2E app working?”

atique said...
May 28, 2012 at 4:31 PM

thanks a lot yagya. one more doubt i have will factory reset delete all the data of sd ext and if we change the rom. second is what is the use of advanced restore in nandrid. will it restore all the apps that i have with previous rom which was backed up to new rom

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