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March 25, 2012

Screen shows Phone connected to PC symbol after flashing clockwork recovery.

Question :
I'm installing CWM version into my Galaxy mini version DXKPD... I followed the instruction carefully in Handy Information downloaded the ODIN Multidownloader V.4.38, Tass v1.ops, and CWM v4.0.0.5... Unfortunately, it took me more than 5 hours waiting to see the "PASS" but i didn't see it at all at the upper left portion of Odin's screen i decided to abort the process..Now i can no longer access my phone..the only thing i can see in the screen when i boot-up is the icon of a phone connected to a PC...but when i re-flash the CWM i still see the yellow triangle of android inside with a shovel...What will i do now? I really need your help....

Solution 1 :
Seems like you had a bad day. You bricked your galaxy mini gt-s5570 alright. However, since you said you can see PC and phone icon connected; it means it's probably due to a bad flash and can simply be solved by flashing a firmware using Odin. Just flash DXKPD firmware using Odin and your device should boot fine.

Once you successfully revive your galaxy mini then cautiously proceed with the clockwork mod installation. This time be careful and follow the instruction properly. Make sure you have required drivers, prepare Odin as instructed and make sure Kies is closed. Once you are ready, put your device in download mode (Volume Down + Home + Power button) and then connect it to your PC. Odin will probably detect it and when it is so simply press Start button. It should install your recovery within 3-5 minutes and say PASS. If it doesn't then something is wrong so double check if you did everything as instructed or not.

Solution 2 :
Lately, as i was analyzing what went wrong in my installation of CWM Recovery v4.0.0.5... There could be some mistakes or missing guidelines in the instructions.. So, what i did is that i reviewed all files that i gather previously and found something there.. I first disabled my antivirus and firewall then extract the zip files needed in a new folder just for them. Put it in My Documents not in a sub-directory. Then I Flashed it again in Odin and it did work.. My Galaxy mini is working again with a new CWM RECOVERY v5.

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