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March 25, 2012

How Do I Revert Back to Original Stock Rom?

Question :
I really want my phone back to original rom. I have a samsung galaxy ace original firmware was gingerbread 2.3.6 eerm S580DXKT5. I changed to cm 7 but had major issues with camera & WiFi app problems. I had no pc so couldn't use Odin but was told ics stock v.2 works well which I could flash via just phone like I did for cm 7so I am using that now which was fine until phone battery died and since then the launcher fcs you tube wont work or update and that happens with most the preinstalled apps.

Soooo, I just want to get my phone bk to original state. Can you help . This site confuses hell out of me . So far I've downloaded odin to my phone that's it. Can you tell me what I do now? What i need to download or were from.

Reply :
I undertsood your problem and a very simple solution is to download and flash the DXKT5 firmware using Odin.

But, I also noticed, you don't have a PC. Well, I recommend you search for one (from your friends) and then follow the procedure posted here

However, if you are really in a situation as not to get a PC then I suggest you wipe data and cache in recovery and it should be fixed all force close problem (but you will lose all your apps and settings). However, if you are not satisfied with the rom and want to completely go back to stock rom, then there's an app called mobile Odin (you can get it in market) which let's you flash official firmware from within a device. Though I am not sure if it works well on Galaxy Ace or not, but most probably it does and you can flash DXKT5 firmware using it from within the device. However, follow this  as the last resort and at your own risk. I'm sure you will be able to find more info about mobile Odin at the market description.

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