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June 20, 2012

Galaxy Mini S5570XWKAC Firmware Upgrade Issues


My Galaxy Mini GT-S5570 comes with following details :

Android Froyo 2.2.1

*#1234# INFO :

Now, I've decided to go for a custom Rom instead (cyanogenmod) because my device is lacking support from my carrier/provider (TMN). So, I need advice/help with following queries. I'd appreciate if  you can help me with all this.
  1. Shall I install CWM recovery for froyo and backup or just update the rom by flashing custom one?
  2. As I'm aware it's not possible to backup a stock ROM (even with Odin) ??!! Isn’t that true?
  3. But can I use Titanium to backup apps and stuff from stock rom?? Is this in anyway useful?
  4. Can I flash or update a custom rom like cyanogenmod directly over Froyo or shall I first flash GB stock rom with Odin?
  5. Also, in your opinion which is the best stable custom rom to use/flash in my GT-S5570 that supports Portuguese language? 
  6. Which version of clockwork mod (CWM) recovery is best to use?


Thank you for submitting your query to us. I see you still are left with Android 2.2 Froyo, while official Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread firmwares are already available for many regions. Also, it would have helped me if you told me from which country of region you are. But, let it go now for now.

So, let me start by replying to your queries. I would not recommend installing clockwork mod recovery for froyo and then doing a backup. At first it's not possible to take backup of stock firmwares like Froyo or Gingerbread. Also, most custom roms require you to have Gingerbread as a base firmware on your handset, before they can be installed on your galaxy mini. So, the first thing you'd do is upgrade your firmware to latest GB version.

The GB firmware I recommend for you can be downloaded from below. It's a the latest Android v2.3.6 firmware and should work fine on your phone. Using the firmware from below and following instructions at (these are instructions to flash galaxy mini using Odin but for other firmware. However, you can follow the same steps to upgrade your handset with the firmware listed below.

Firmware : S5570XWKTN
File Name : GT-S5570_S5570XWKTN_S5570OXXKTB_S5570XWKT6.rar
Android : 2.3.6
Download :  Mirror

And, yes as I said above, you can't backup any firmware with Odin. It's custom recovery that is used to backup roms/system.

Titanium backup is one of the mostly used application, that can help you backup games and applications on your android smartphone. However, you can't backup call logs, contacts, sms, etc. using this app. One way (the simple one) to backup these things is to sync your handset with a powerful phone management app called MyPhoneExplorer. I've detailed more about this software at this article. However, you can also look for other apps at Play Store that can save/backup your calls, contacts, APNs, etc.

Most of your queries seem to be related. Anyway, as mentioned above, you can't install cyanogenmod or other custom roms like emanoN, minisense, etc. on Froyo. These custom rom require that you have gingerbread boot-loader installed on your handset. For this you'll need to upgrade your Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 to Gingerbread firmware using Odin. Follow details mentioned above.

Again, I'm not sure about languages, however, latest official cyanogenmod 7.2 stable should support Portuguese and should also run fast and smooth. I suggest you to try this rom first. If you don't like it want something more then, you can search for other custom roms at [I've got screenshots, and details there, it shouldn't be difficult for you to choose one.]

I'd recommend to use clockwork mod recovery v4.0.0.5 for those who are flashing any roms for the first time. Because many have faced issues while flashing via latest clock work mod recovery. However, later you can upgrade your clockwork mod recovery to latest v5.0.2.6 version if you want.

That's all with your problems/doubts. I hope everything is clear now. However, if you have any further questions then, please post a comment below and I shall reply to your queries.

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