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June 30, 2012

CyanMobile - How To's, Tips, Solutions and More

Cyanmobile is a modified version of latest cyanogen mod 7.2 rom. The developer, squadzone, has worked hard on this rom and has added a lot of new features that are not yet available on cyanogenmod builds. Features such as Statusbar battery styles, text color selection, integrated (in-buit) app2sd script (disabled by default), Hardware buttons call receive and end, etc and many other customizations such as Ice Cream Sandwich theme, Cyanogenmod 9 Settings Layout,

How do I move my apps and data to sd-ext in Cyanmobile rom? The developer says "Don't use a2sd or s2e app".

The developer says so as the latest versions of Cyanmobile rom come with an inbuit a2sd script that will help you move all your apps and app data (along with dalvik-cache) to the second (sd-ext) partition of your sd-card. To enable this option you just follow the steps below. It is noted that you need to partition your sd-card before following the steps below.
  1. Make sure you check Mount SD-ext on boot and Enable data2sd on Development Settings
  2. Then go to Cyanmobile Settings >> Application and select SD-Ext as Install Location.
  3. Reboot your handset (It is recommended to reboot twice for better performance.)
That's all. From now on all your applications and games will be installed on sd-ext partition. However, you might need to manually move already installed apps into sd-ext from Manage Application Settings.

"I cannot see the call accept and deny buttons when receiving a call..." How am I supposed to answer a call or reject it? 

If you have got a call in your cyanmobile rom then, you'll probably notice that there are not accept or reject in-call user interface buttons. While many have mistaken this as a bug, in truth this a new feature introduced in latest cyanmobile release. To answer your call you simply have to press the Menu (left) button and to reject or end a call you simply press the Back (right) hardware buttons. 

Moreover, this is a default behavior only and the users have the flexibility to choose their liking of answering styles. If you want to old touch (soft) buttons instead of replying or rejecting by the hardware buttons then you simply follow the steps give below.
  1. Run your Settings app from app drawer.
  2. Browse to CyanMobile Settings >> Sound option.
  3. In Sound settings, scroll until you see Call Features heading under which all call tweaks and settings are included.
  4. Now, Check Allow In-Call UI Touch option. 
And, you are done. Now you should get the normal slide to answer type screen (varies depending upon your settings). If you want to use the hardware buttons then, just check the two options at the same Call Features options in Sound settings. 

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