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April 5, 2012

What is Signature? How can I have one in my messages?

Question :
My bro is using blackberry mobile. When he sends any mail from mobile to me i'm just observing that message and at the bottom of the mail  I'm seeing like "Sent from black berry".

Whats does that mean and why it is shown? Also, can I have same with android ??

Reply :
That's called signature.... A signature is something that is appended automatically (by an app) at the end of every message you send via the application. It's a common case with forums and other communities and if you have participated in any forums then, you should by now have a fair idea about it. This article on Wikipedia will provide you with enough details needed to know about signature blocks (or simply signature).

However, in messaging it's possible when you use some kind of application to send messages (provided that the app support signatures). Your bro might be using some kind of application too that let's him add a signature at his messages and judging from the above report you made it seems like he also don't have clear idea about it since he is using the default signature (set by the app). And, it seems he is using Blackberry messenger application, if my guess is correct. You can ask him to confirm that.

I've not heard of it being possible with regular SMS.  Similar signature can be used if you want to send messages via Yahoo messenger app, so give it a try. I think Facebook for Mobile, Friend caster app also make use of signatures; however, I've not tried any of those either. Hope that's clear. If it is still unclear let me know at the comments below.

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