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April 2, 2012

How To Solve Boot Loop Issue in Samsung Smartphones?

Problem :
I have few doubts regarding my Samsung galaxy pop (GT-S5570). I think i may have bricked it.

Actually what i did was, first I rooted my cell then after that i installed clock work recovery mod and then using recovery mod options I partitioned my SD card. This resulted in formatting of my SD card. After that i thought of factory reset as my internal memory was getting full, so from settings-> privacy menu, I click on factory reset option and it restarted and took me to CWM recovery options, there i selected wipe data/reset and after that cell restarted and then it shows Samsung logo and again keeps restarting.
Is there any solution for this problem else than going to Samsung service center ?

I have no idea what i did to my cell... but i want to resolve this issue asap.

Solution :
Yes, there's a solution to get out of this problem without visiting the Samsung service center. Luckily your device has not been bricked and this issue can be solved these simple steps.

If you haven't done it already remove the battery from your device to power off your device then insert it back to your galaxy pop gt-s5570.  Then follow these steps :
  • Go to recovery. Press Home + Power buttons at the same time while your device is turned off. 
  • Now, wipe data and cache and reboot.
Hopefully, that should solve the problem. If you face the same issues again then, there's a problem with your firmware/ROM and thus, you will need to flash (install) it again on your device. You can flash this latest Gingerbread firmware on your device by following the instructions at . After that your device should run fine. Be careful not the install CWM recovery again if you are not going to flash any custom roms.

Also, since all this resulted from the problem of low internal memory, go through this article to solve the problem with easy and step by step solutions.

1 Responses to “How To Solve Boot Loop Issue in Samsung Smartphones?”

Pramod Ach11 said...
May 5, 2012 at 2:31 PM

Thank u..
had the same prob.. :)

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